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Paragon disk manager advanced is a tool no IT pro should be without.
Backup, data recovery, partition management, drive copy/OS migration and disk wiping are all included in this full featured tool.

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Hosting services

Free web hosting
It's not much, but it's free, so if you're looking to get started, and you don't have a budget to pay for web hosting, this solution might work for you. You can of course upgrade if you like to some of the other plans, but we think you'll like the next option better instead.

Life time web hosting
That's right, hosting for life. For less than you probably pay for a year of hosting, we can now offer you life time hosting for your web site for a single one-time payment, with nothing else to pay for hosting ever again.

That's right, you read that correctly. Pay once, and have web hosting for the life time of the site.
Domain names aren't included, so those are still your responsibility to keep up to date, but wouldn't it be nice not to be bothered with renewal hosting fees each and every year?
Of course it would, and now you can take advantage of our life time hosting offers for your site. (for the short version click )Pay once, host forever">.
For the full-blown marketing experience,
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If none of these options suit you, try storage options

How about putting your website on the decentralized web. Would you like a a .crypto domain? Well, you can have your own blockchain domain.
And, with this code you can even get a $10 credit when you purchase your domain, so why wait?

Do you like to listen to audio books? We can help. has 175,000 books to choose from, and if you sign up, you get credits you can use each month, for either a single book, (or at your option), an entire collection of books, where you can listen to as many books as you like for the month,
Some of the collections include science fiction and fantasy, romance, mystery and thriller, and more.

Also, you get to choose 2 books each month from their VIP selections, that's three books each month you get to keep each and every month.
What are you waiting for, click here and sign up now, and enjoy all the benefits of being an member.

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